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Classes are scheduled throughout the day to ensure that all can attend at a time that fits their schedule.  Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, we tailor each class to suit the needs of every class attendee.


Classes typically consist of a 15-minute warmup, 30 minutes of positional technique and 15 minutes of drilling or training to close out.  You're always welcome to continue your learning and training in our Open Mat sessions which follow all of our adult classes.


For those who wish to attend their first class with our team, please review the two videos below.  The 1st video outlines our Code of Conduct on the mat for all levels of students.  The 2nd video is for beginners and it outlines our Fundamental Warm-up.  Feel free to get acquainted with the movements prior to your initial class.


Portela BJJ Schedule 2021



Code of Conduct   Fundamentals Warmup
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